Blood Tribe Projects

Kainai Peacemaking Centre, Blood Tribe, Standoff, Alberta - 2008

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The Blood Tribe is a community of more than 10,000 located southwest of Lethbridge. In 2006, the Blood Tribe Council passed a resolution to build the Kainai Peacemaking Centre (KPC) to accommodate a restorative justice program and a provincial circuit court. We developed a program of requirements for a building as envisioned by the stakeholders (the ‘moderate’ option) as well as less expensive and more expensive variants. The project involved extensive consultation with the Elders of the Blood Tribe, the Blood Tribe Council Planning Committee and several justice and facility representatives of the governments of Alberta and Canada. Overall we estimated that KPC would require nearly 18,000 square feet of space plus another 3,000 square feet of programmed outdoor space. We estimated that the building would cost just under $12 million to implement. Completed in 2008.