Canadian Centre for Toxicology Projects

Canadian Centre for Toxicology, Guelph and Toronto, Ontario - 1985

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The Canadian Centre for Toxicology (CCT) provides toxicology research and education. The Governments of Canada and Ontario approved CCT’s proposal to develop facilities at the Universities of Guelph and Toronto. Our services comprised several components. First, we reduced the scope of the facilities from the original $48.3 million proposal to the approved budget of $23.6 million. To accomplish this, we addressed operational and management issues as well as facilities needs. Next, we prepared Facilities Programs for both locations. The Toronto facility was to form a part of the Natural Resources Complex. A key challenge was to specify the facilities required, yet recognize the emerging nature of the research program. We also tested the viability of refitting part of an existing building for use as an animal care facility. Finally, we prepared a proposal for a facility in Guelph that accommodated the minimum operations, yet remained under the total project cost of $14 million. Completed in 1985.

Funding Proposal, Canadian Centre for Toxicology, Guelph, Ontario - 1984

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CCT is a new institution established to conduct research, provide education, and disseminate information related to toxicology. We assisted in the preparation of a proposal to obtain funding for research equipment through the Centres of Specialization Fund. The proposal discussed the CCT’s role, programs, facilities, implementation schedule, projected operating budget, and requirements for research equipment. The document also presented a systematic analysis of how the proposal responded to the evaluation criteria. The funds requested were from $2.4 to $3.7 million, and included pathology, animal care, computer, and analytical equipment. Completed in 1984.