Chilliwack General Hospital Projects

Chilliwack General Hospital, BC - 1991

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The Ministry of Health had approved a master plan for the redevelopment of the Chilliwack General Hospital. A 290-bed acute care hospital. We prepared a Facilities Program for Phase 2, the redevelopment of space vacated at the conclusion of Phase 1, the construction of a new acute nursing beds and surgical suites. Our Facilities Program documented the rationale for the proposed redevelopment, based on projected workloads and staffing requirements as well as defining space requirements in a manner that would permit the project designers to proceed with conceptual design. We addressed requirements for components including Administration, Education, Health Records, Information Systems, Laboratory, Food Services, Laundry, Maintenance, Social Services, Staff Facilities, Storage, Pharmacy, Physiotherapy, Psychiatric Day Therapy, Housekeeping, and Rehabilitation. Completed in 1991.