Kitsap County Projects

Kitsap County Masterplan, Port Orchard, Washington - 2002

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Kitsap County identified the need for a major redevelopment of County facilities, including the jail, courthouse and administrative functions. We examined the potential for expansion of the existing site as well as assess the potential for using one of three additional sites to meet the County’s long–term accommodation needs. We developed initial estimates of facility requirements for each department over a ten to twenty year period. Key opportunities and constraints for each site and their relative merits for both the public and county employees were assessed. Order–of–magnitude estimates of capital and operating costs for each of the site options were also identified. We produced a comparative evaluation matrix to assist the County Commissioners in selecting a preferred option. Completed in 2002.

Kitsap County Jail, Port Orchard, Washington - 1999

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We conducted a needs assessment for a major expansion of the county detention facility. We developed estimates of the future bed demand through a review of historical caseloads, state and County population projections, and an assessment of the impacts of recent trends and anticipated changes in the criminal justice system. Our conclusion was that the existing 200-bed facility should be expanded to between 494 and 535 beds. Completed in 1999.