North Island College Projects

North Island College, Port Alberni, BC - 1988

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The Port Alberni campus is one of the major centres in NIC’s network. We formulated a development strategy for the provision of a new college facility to be located in a park near a community centre. Specifically, we determined the facilities required; explored the implications of the new NIC facility in the context of the park development plan; estimated construction costs; and compared implementation options in terms of the relative involvement of private and public sectors. Subsequently, we were requested to revise the plan by dividing the building program into three phases. The total project budget for the proposed 5600 square metres college was $5.75 million. Completed in 1988.

North Island College, Comox Valley, BC - 1988

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North Island College (NIC) uses a distributed open learning system that focuses on tutors and other resources available in 19 local learning centres. The headquarters for much of NIC’s network-wide development is in the Comox Valley where current facilities were crowded and dispersed. The proposed NIC building program for the Comox Valley totaled an estimated gross building area of more than 13 000 square metres, comprising the NIC Headquarters (including television production), the Comox Valley Learning Centre, community facilities (including an auditorium), vocational workshops, and a 120-bed residence. Site selection criteria were developed which specified that the Learning Centre, Auditorium, and Headquarters must be co-located on a single site of four to ten acres. Several alternatives related to public and private financial involvement were considered. Completed in 1988.