Ontario Ministry of the Solicitor General Projects

Near North Correctional Complex, North Bay, Ontario - 2002

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NNCC is a 242–bed correctional facility built on the grounds of an existing psychiatric hospital. Most of the facility is new construction with some redevelopment of existing buildings. The facility comprises a 192–bed male housing unit and a 50–bed secure treatment unit for severely mentally disordered offenders. We prepared a facilities program for schematic design and a more detailed program for design development. This project was deferred due to a review of budget priorities. Completed in 2002.

Saint Lawrence Valley Treatment Centre, Brockville, Ontario - 2002

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A new 500–bed correctional centre was planned for the site of an existing psychiatric hospital. We developed two facilities programs: one for new construction and one for renovation of several existing buildings. Due to a tight project schedule, we developed the program for new construction based on an existing generic program. Renovated facilities include special treatment beds for inmates with severe mental health problems, to be developed in conjunction with a new on–site forensic psychiatric centre. The program for renovated facilities was based on consultation with staff from the Ministry of Solicitor General, the psychiatric hospital and a recently opened forensic psychiatric facility in BC. Completed in 2002.