Yukon Justice Projects

Courts Refit, Fourth Avenue Residence, Whitehorse, Yukon - 1983

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At the time of the study, funds were not available for a new courthouse, and proposals were being sought by Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation for alternative uses for the Fourth Avenue Residence. We examined the feasibility of refitting the apartment building for use as a courthouse. We identified two strategies: alterations only or additions and alterations. Conceptual designs, together with cost estimates, were developed for each general approach. We then compared these possibilities with new construction based on function, code compliance, environmental quality, operational efficiency, and total project cost. We concluded that the use of the facility as a courthouse was neither feasible nor cost-effective. Completed in 1983.

Redevelopment, Whitehorse Correctional Centre, Yukon - 1981

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Whitehorse Correctional Centre (WCC) is the only security institution in Yukon. At the time of the study, WCC had a capacity for 45 sentenced and remanded prisoners. Step 1 of our work, the Development Plan, included a role study, an analysis of demand, a service plan, and a coarse-grain program for new construction and renovation of the existing building. Step 2, the Facilities Program, encompassed discussion of service objectives and operational concepts as well as specifications of required area, interrelationships, and logical construction phases. The cost to construct the 7400 square metres of additions plus alterations was estimated at approximately $17.7 million. Completed in 1981.