William has been a planning consultant since 1972. Through extensive project experience, he has become knowledgeable of the operations, facilities and issues in the justice, education, health, research and other fields. William has developed computer-based planning tools and methodologies. He has published articles, presented at conferences and taught design professionals.

William’s experience in the planning of courthouses began in 1975 when he was engaged by Alberta Public Works to assist in the planning of an extensive capital program for court facilities in Alberta. He can draw from this intensive immersion as well as diverse project experience over the past many years to assist in the creation of robust, cost effective and functional facilities that will meet the needs of the courts system over the life of the building. William’s participation will enhance the level of confidence that all operational and functional concerns are addressed thoroughly and professionally.


William’s continuing education has included extensive computer training, regular attendance at professional conferences and participation in many professional development courses.

Professional History

Project Experience

William has been involved in more than a hundred justice planning projects in his years as a planning consultant. During this time, he has planned more than forty courthouses in Ontario, British Columbia, Alberta, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland, Washington State, Yukon and the Northwest Territories. William has formulated policies and methodologies related to needs assessment and facilities standards for several justice jurisdictions.