Protect Your Facilities Investment through Carefully Managed Planning

Facilities planning is best done by specialists

Current economic realities make it more critical than ever that public organizations plan for the optimum use of increasingly limited resources. Facilities, whether new or redeveloped, require large outlays of capital, and mistakes are costly. The size and functional features of a building will affect an organization’s ability to deliver its services efficiently and effectively. Decisions concerning how and what to build require the careful, informed planning best undertaken by specialists.

The consultants of Matrix Planning Associates have directed a broad range of projects in diverse fields including education, justice, corrections, health care, office planning and culture. The specialized expertise offered by Matrix will guide your organization in the effective planning and management of its facilities resources.

Matrix has an established history in the field of facilities planning. The principal, William Wood, has a multi-disciplinary background and has been a facilities planning consultant since 1972. The associates are experienced professionals with diverse backgrounds and expertise.

A broad range of facilities planning services

Matrix services encompass policy development, needs assessment, strategic planning, facilities programming, and project evaluation. Since the practice does not include design, Matrix has no vested interest in the outcome of planning studies. Although not an architectural firm, Matrix often collaborates with architects and engineers to assess redevelopment options. For all building projects, whether new construction or redevelopment, the thorough and knowledgeable definition of facilities requirements provided by Matrix allows the design team to proceed quickly and confidently knowing that they are building on a solid conceptual foundation.

In addition to managing major projects, Matrix assignments have ranged from advisory roles to workshop facilitation. Whatever the task, Matrix brings informed and unbiased attention to your project’s needs.

Matrix considers each assignment unique and thoughtfully determines the most appropriate skills and resources required for each project. Matrix often leads a multi-disciplinary team, or is part of a team assembled by another consulting firm. Whatever context, the Matrix team remains focused on conducting the analysis and providing the insight that will assist the client organization to make decisions regarding their facilities.

Facilities planning is a futurist’s activity

The consultants at Matrix have observed the major social, economic and technological trends of the past four decades and are proficient in evaluating their impact in relation to the client’s operations. Matrix works closely with organizations to define their facilities requirements and determine the best use of their limited resources. And, long after their projects are complete, Matrix welcomes continued counsel with clients regarding the implementation of the plans Matrix helped to formulate.

Matrix Planning Associates is a division of William Wood Consulting Limited.